Loving #JudgeDeborah, The Prophetess – A personal reflection of a Role Model

Judge Deborah sitting beneath the Palm Tree, Ephraim

The Bible was the first book I ever read. At the age of 2 Mom had used it as the tool to teach me about God. In her eyes it was never too early to learn about our Creator and the rich history of examples written about God. Since then I have lived many testimonies of how God can and will work the miraculous. In fact, right now I am living through one of those testimonies, a very painful deeply personal story where God became my Best Friend through turbulence, envy, greed, and misunderstandings staged to belie my identity. But back to what is positive and what is material right now. Judge and Prophetess Deborah is one of the oldest stories in the Bible and Hebrew literature. The Song of Deborah is the 1st piece on record of Hebrew poetry.

Mom, like me loved to talk about the Bible and how stories applied to present day situations. So one day we are sitting on the porch outside the house when she says,

There’s a reason I named you Deborah, Deborah. You are named after the only woman Judge, the first woman to Judge the nation of Israel. That is not to be taken lightly. Remember that. I remember being pregnant and thinking of a name. I wanted to name you after me, but God spoke and told me to name you Deborah. [God] said it would be a prophesy of your life and you would in time live up to it.

I was about 8 years old when she told me so at that time I was more in awe of this woman who was put in a position only men had been IN. So to me that must have meant she was a someone pretty special unique and of high service to God. I was like, Wow…I am named after Judge Deborah. So I asked her to tell me more about this amazing woman of presence. She handed me the Bible opened up to Judges Chapter 4 and told me to read for myself. Mom was never one to tell you everything because to her it would mean more if a person read it for them selves. Word of mouth is good to motivate or direct a person to see for your own eyes. Do not take my word for it.


It made reading the scriptures exciting. She always said read like you are there watching the whole thing take place. Immerse your self in the story. Reading must become an experience, a personal one to connect to the true meaning, content, and value of that one story or testimony. We are seeing it from many points of view as a bigger whole message of substance. It would stick to the soul and be ingrained inside. I read and the more I read the more I wanted to know. Who was she married to? Did she have children? How many? What was her job like sitting under that Palm Tree? When did she make the time to be both a Judge, Wife and Mom?


Back then, we didn’t have Wikipedia or the Internet. All I had was the Biblical record, imagination of the goings on, and pure awe. Role models are key to the development of a keen mind especially for a girl with a strong personality such as my own. I never wanted to be Judge Deborah and knew I could not but I certainly wanted to know as much as possible about my namesake. True to form as I read about Deborah I was living there, transported to the moment watching as she spoke to person, diplomat, Kings, Queens, priests, and regular every day folk.

In researching her she was more than a Judge but a Prophetess. She received The Word of God direct, whatever she said would manifest with a guarantee. She was enlightened or full of the Light of God. Her husband Lapidoth meant the word light. But there are some records that are confusing stating she was married and Lapidoth was not a name of her spouse but a description of her and his character. Like they were beings of light who were used by God to keep the nation of Israel going the right direction in worship, government, and all dealings with external forces.

Deborah sat under that Palm tree in Ephraim judging Israel until her death some say 2nd half of the 11th century and other records say, 2nd half of the 12th century. Because of her love and loving connection with God, Israel enjoyed a loving, peaceful, union, benefit of the Abrahamaic Covenant, strengthening a close personal relationship that allowed Israel to walk with God. Love adds depth, meaning, and substance to worship. It means something to you on a personal level. Now one can relate through the experience of one person and benefit from that one personal relationship. Abundance comes! Peace resides with the people.

Prophets were more than oracular devices but coverings when spirits passed through not harming. Word is powerful! Using it correctly and never taking for granted ones favor with God is key. Why? Keys open doors. The 1st Hebrew letter of Deborah is Dalet. Dalet means door. Doors of the mind, heart, soul, and spirit that reconnect us back with Source to balance inner battles of Dominion. Midrash and midrashim acts as a door to interpret Torah.

I often study photos of her tomb and imagine the land around her still feeling and connecting with the purity she evoked. Like blood it flows in my veins. Deborah was a woman of great strength, nobility, but she knew and accepted her place. She wasn’t trying to be more or less than what God made in her. Though others came for advice guidance or judgment on a matter she was always Deborah.


She like Abraham, Noah, Enoch, and other famous prophets walked and talked to God direct. Archangels and angels attended to see that needs were always met. Her faith was stellar, like a rock. She did not just speak the truth but lived it as an experience. This is key now regardless of our religious upbringing to keep it true to our self by learning, studying, and knowing the self. When we are honest with how we feel with self, we can share the light.


For me that is the importance of Deborah. I have been going through a great tribulation in being accepted as I am by others. Like coffee I can come off as very strong willed. It is not my intention to over bear but it is my intention to state the obvious or truth. Sometimes, no many times I have withheld saying things out of how it will make another feel until I am asked. Then like Deborah I bubble forth whatever God gives me to say. That happens a lot. Unlike Deborah I have not found a suitable mate and that can be frustrating sometimes not to have someone to speak spiritual truths with or converse about. So I write and this becomes that voice or channel for me. Deborah is a key figure in my life because of her strength and inner strength.

She spoke from the heart but did not change the Word received as Gods judgment on a matter. In other words she didn’t project personal thoughts on what she said that might misdirect or mislead. Having trust in what we say is important to our own inner growth. I did wonder if she dealt with the forces I deal with? How would she handle it? These thoughts get me through my mind when I go through confrontations or negativity. For me she is a ruler or measurement of one’s faith. Where it ought to be and where it ought to be in our heart.

We can do things to judge or un-judge our selves by leaving the door open for opinions or opinionated innuendo. What would God say in the matter? Adding a spiritual take on life allows us to release the self from being too hard or harsh, and allows room for forgiveness when we receive ill treatment from others. It’s human to pre-judge but Divine to rule out what is not substantial or true to our nature. If it is there is room to work on the self and love it back into good health like that Palm Tree.

Hebrew letter Dalet – ‘door

It takes a great deal to love beyond what others project us to be which is far from who we truly are INSIDE. It takes great empathy and compassion see the true light in our fellows without passing unfair judgment of their character. How can someone say a person did this or that and not have spent a day with them? How can someone say they know how to level or break a person’s will when they have no love for them or that person’s well being long term?

Even when we have lived with a person how can we say one thing but they are not living up to that or acting in that way? Is it not labeling? Belittling? Judging without any profound evidence? There are many who say they know but deep down is this true? For me I am more apt to believe after I have spent time loving a person. Even then I am not quick to judge because there is always that % of being wrong or wronged. Those who judge get judged, right? But those that prophesy higher wisdom hold high value in community like Judge Deborah. What they say comes from a place of deep inner knowledge not a need to get attention or be seen as important.


The best spiritual teachers do so by example and only give when asked most of the time. Not all the time. Those who do it as a profession are held to incredible standards when credible. It is a honor to be trusted to lead or share enlightenment.  For many like me it can be the 1st steps towards guru-dom. One can always tell when God is using you to speak Its’ word or share the word because whatever is said will fit, satisfy, and enrich the soul. God’s Word fulfills like a cup or Holy Grail. When God speaks it lifts the Spirit not putting it down.


But she did it and I feel that is what I love about being named after her. I will not ever be Her but she can be someone I look to as a role model. There is always the feeling of sitting under the Palm Tree, which means inner peace, stillness, and inner knowing.


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