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As a Public Image Consultant I know everything that is on the surface may not be what’s beneath. Having a thick skin is crucial and knowing what to SAY or WHEN is ‘timing. But with out a Spin Doctor like myself it can be tough to reinvent old ways of being seen in the public eye. Metaphysics has changed the game of everything.

As a metaphysics Expert – I use it in every technique of reinventing my clients persona. So much so, I have my own style or eliminating unnecessary evils. However, I understand how those who with motive can work behind the scenes to create false impressions. Why? Only God knows and only that person or group of persons and God truly cares. Bring focus back to what you care about not who is or who AIN’T keeping up with the Joneses.

It’s tough working up a new way or better method to let the world IN on who you truly are without playing it too close, or too far from the truth. Whether it’s exercise to rebuild the body or holding sessions of self analysis to rebuild  inner strength awareness. If you have true self confidence and know the truth ABOUT YOU – you will RISE above people being petty childish and self-devaluing. You know the path you walked. You know the pain you endured to make to the top. You should understand the purpose of your talent. You are responsible for YOU so why should an opinion matter? If it’s not true? It won’t.

Lies bounce off strong minded people like water on a duck’s back. Nothing will stick when you are aware of where you are in life, how far you came, and who is essentially responsible in a -behind-the-scenes-sort-of-way. We don’t have to wash our scandals to prove points of whose dick is bigger especially when we have a ‘twat between our legs instead, do we? Gender bashing or any other bashing is not how we move forward in our profession. Being honest calling the facts and sticking to working with the truth. It’s not easy to turn your head when someone is flipping your career over a hot grill or public investigating like a Grilled Cheese, is it? But we can by remaining composed – grace under pressure is always the best approach or style to reinventing a positive image.

But I’m above calling folks out we all know what we did or didn’t do as the right thing at the right time. Or – the wrong thing at the right time. Truth is joy is the product of great sadness. So when others are poking a stick to get a cheap or fast emotional reaction, get up and WALK. Mid sentence. WALK. Strut if you have to back to a balanced perspective by not sweating pettiness in all its forms of covetry.

If there is work be grown up enough to admit and work on the issues. Don’t pay specialists to cover it up or pay off secrets for things that can murder a career. Do the work of true self love – and share it publicly so others can see what is proper to prosper in today’s world. That’s the humane part of being human. Not dragging someone we’ve already hurt beyond worlds with more BS cooked up to hi-jack folks out of their time in the Sun. Jealousy is a very ugly motive that destroys and feeds off the sorrows of others as needless needful things.

No, FLOAT to the top like cream in coffee by doing the right thing for you or ‘not living a lie. As a person of the public I’ve built up a great organic image that is truly a reflection of the person writing the work you’re reading. I don’t just write from the heart, I live from it and every word typed is from that special place. So when people even family try to spread lies, hype, or innuendo – I can SHRUG it off because I know who I Am.

When people try to convince me of what they feel about their self or lack thereof – I reply, “You are projecting”. As a person in entertainment or any other industry we can’t allow others to muddy our name or the reputation we’ve generated. However, we also must be able to let go of our ego when we are wrong to correct or address faux pas. I do. Heartily. If I’m wrong about a matter I am not so puffed up with PRIDE I can’t take whatever I dish OUT. So I make sure whatever I have to say about a person positive or negative is direct and to their face. If I LIKE you I say it, if I DON’T LIKE I say that too no matter WHO the person IS. If I can’t keep it real with myself who in the hell will I keep it real with? This is the organic approach to restructuring or reconstructing dilapidated public images.

But some like to emotionally manipulate  or stir up devil-may-care what not to present false impressions of us. Don’t let it stop you from doing whatever you were purposed to do on this Earth or IN IT. One monkey won’t stop a show but he can delay the 1st TWO ACTs. So have the whole thing already written before building that new “PUBLIC YOU”. At first when I was writing this I thought, ‘Wow the things folks will do to get FREE HOW-TO information when all they have to do is ask for it.

That’s the problem we want to work with so-and-so but our pride is standing in the way of the DOOR, arms folded. We seek something so badly to judge about a person we don’t even care IF it’s a mis-judgment. We just need that one thing to topple the statue or how high a person thinks of themselves. Why? To prove they are human or to humiliate for personal entertainment. Wow now that’s childish isn’t it? That’s how consumers of today would read poor attempts to bring people down to OUR LEVEL.

I’ve never been one to mince words with folks who go to such depths. Why? It’s beneath my character and something I’m just not IN to doing. I believe in building others up even if it means I have to wait on my turn down the way or around the corner. But throwing others under character deploying buses has quickly become a way to get attention. But is it the right kind of attention? Why is someone throwing shade? Is it to cover up their own secret pain? Is it to keep others from digging in too deep to reveal or expose true motives? Do we bring up facts or opinion to put an end to dry spells? I personally use facts by doing the research. I never judge people or persons or any matter in general.

I allow a clear opportunity to get to know that person or group by directly taking in interest in them. I also don’t profit off other people’s work without giving them credit, or steal their ideas to pawn them off as my own. For me there has to be honor and honorable processes even if one is a criminal. It’s a crime to not ask someone for permission. When we don’t and try to steal joy, money, or any other thing it only sabotages us in the end. Why? Because if that person is truly who they are portraying themselves we come off looking stupid, misinformed, and prejudicial. As use assumptions as facts – you know what Samuel Jackson said about ‘Assumptions.

When we assume anything we make an ‘ass out of U and Me but mostly U. So if you work or do the work of public image building and happen to cross this blog take what resonates and play the game by creating an organic style that builds not destroys using CHEAP emotional manipulation tactics. We are too mature for such business and are now ready to build new types of industries or reinvent the very OLD and traditional ones. Proper image control begins with quality Customer Care 1st and being open minded enough to know we shouldn’t believe everything we read as gospel. It could just be a SPELL woven cheaply, badly, and mischievously out of unnecessary boredom. Don’t use all that power of self expression for foolishness.

If you love a person tell them directly. If you have a problem say it to the person directly. If you want true following be honest about who you are with yourself and then you can build the proper image to project in the public or know how to hire someone like me to rebuild it for you by understanding the metaphysical process of eliminating bad habits, toxic people, and out dated negging. Taking from one to deliver as new to another is a ‘pyramid scheme that happens with more than money.

Especially for social media lions such as thewritealice. We do the work of organic confidence building so you can trust the quality of the work and know for yourself the results will appear as promised. I don’t try anything with my clients I wouldn’t expect of myself. Compassion is the new method to building the right type of business. Try it more and seek out these types of business alliances. The Corporate Karma is worth its weight in Titanium and as strong as Iron in being reliable service.


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Consummatus - Ablivatus Scriba - Ablivatus Maximum Sacerdos A few of titles I've manifested into being out of the Power(s) of Imagination, Higher Laws of Consciousness, and Knowledge - The Power of 3 as one "Infinity". No, I'm not stuck up but I am stuck on finding whole truths for others that make life simple, happy, and joyous. My work is featured all over the world and no doubt you've seen the results of reading my power blogs! There are more to be found at Have fun reading and by all means make yourself *at home* at using the information to improve your #selflove #selfjourneys. Sending you Love, Light, and All the peace heart can hold - thewritealice

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