Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s in Public Image – The Process of Reinventing – @thewritealice original #free #tip #publicrelations

@twitter @thr @variety @deadline @youtube Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s in #PublicImage – The Process of #Reinventing – @thewritealice original #free #tip #publicrelations

thewritealice MLS - Let Us Write You The World In Our Eyes.


As a Public Image Consultant I know everything that is on the surface may not be what’s beneath. Having a thick skin is crucial and knowing what to SAY or WHEN is ‘timing. But with out a Spin Doctor like myself it can be tough to reinvent old ways of being seen in the public eye. Metaphysics has changed the game of everything.

As a metaphysics Expert – I use it in every technique of reinventing my clients persona. So much so, I have my own style or eliminating unnecessary evils. However, I understand how those who with motive can work behind the scenes to create false impressions. Why? Only God knows and only that person or group of persons and God truly cares. Bring focus back to what you care about not who is or who AIN’T keeping up with the Joneses.

It’s tough working up a new way…

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Consummatus - Ablivatus Scriba - Ablivatus Maximum Sacerdos A few of titles I've manifested into being out of the Power(s) of Imagination, Higher Laws of Consciousness, and Knowledge - The Power of 3 as one "Infinity". No, I'm not stuck up but I am stuck on finding whole truths for others that make life simple, happy, and joyous. My work is featured all over the world and no doubt you've seen the results of reading my power blogs! There are more to be found at Have fun reading and by all means make yourself *at home* at using the information to improve your #selflove #selfjourneys. Sending you Love, Light, and All the peace heart can hold - thewritealice

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