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I’ve always loved reading Poe’s works. There is much to select to lose one’s self in. His writings are more than just required literary I feel but they are so relaxing to imagine with. Often I read my personal favorites to pass the time. However, the most popular The Raven was by far the most attractive to embellish or muse about. So I hope you don’t mind if I share my musings.

Musing, I thought of one of my favorite poems, The Raven by Edgar A. Poe. Immediately I was inspired to write the muse as an after thought which is the before thought that sent the Raven. What if Lenore? Wasn’t lost but lost at sea upon a ship writing an open letter to give to the Raven to deliver?

What would it say?


 Alas my love I twice am afar upon a ship unsteady

Our Captain screams like a bloody dream, over and over –

[We’re] not ready!

Day by night and night by day, upon a desk is a blank page, my hopes that follow

Someday soon by light of Moon at port ye shall be attending – faithful as the swallow

The Moon ‘ye promises ‘Nigh and near, no doubt, no fear – destiny answers what heart is beckoning

For if thy leave without thy dream – upon the seas – in heaven there shall be great reckoning

Moon, I trust from dawn to dusk – she leads us ever forward upon the depths, abyss of surfaces

Ye tho’ I grow weary a blithery heart to know for self the warmth of your embraces

Dare the sea, blither the hag who would un-rightly anchor fleet so fast

Would my love battle the storm that suspends my ship within its’ grasp?

For I know and believe with all my heart, you shall retrieve my pleas

Howl the winds until we meet or our love shall be cast beyond the seas

Up in the stars, not here not far but safe and high a midst the trees

Another life where none is strife, day and night we honey like bees

So it is with great sorrow, but not at tomorrow, for yet it is another day –

That I shall hope. Stay a float. Across the sea I’ll be with you – and no more shall I delay

At the window sit with me and wait not but forlorn

Promise me when I wake our love shall be new reborn

True love be not in vanity when the beak has made its mark

Rest inside me be beside me – send light to rescue me from the dark

Call my name but 3 times! Like magic of yore I shall appear to thee

Do speak praise without malaise that you shall wait for me!

For now I bree and brow knowing thou may not seem what it may to be

I am not forgotten nor dis-remised but merely lost at sea

A sea of emotions navigating our heart, its corridors – I sway

Send loving thoughts my Love! That favorable winds will direct my way

Hold the light or please – hang it high – above the bust of thine door

Pray thee we may weep no more the loss of your Dear Lenore



Published by: thewritealice

Consummatus - Ablivatus Scriba - Ablivatus Maximum Sacerdos A few of titles I've manifested into being out of the Power(s) of Imagination, Higher Laws of Consciousness, and Knowledge - The Power of 3 as one "Infinity". No, I'm not stuck up but I am stuck on finding whole truths for others that make life simple, happy, and joyous. My work is featured all over the world and no doubt you've seen the results of reading my power blogs! There are more to be found at www.thewritealice.com. Have fun reading and by all means make yourself *at home* at using the information to improve your #selflove #selfjourneys. Sending you Love, Light, and All the peace heart can hold - thewritealice www.thewritealice.com

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