#FreeRead – What we saw 9/23/16 – Proof of #Archangels – What’s that in the Sky? – by #thewritealice photos by #BaticiaLynette @thewritealice @sablequeen – Los Angeles, CA

So yesterday which was Friday evening, the 23rd after 7pm well into I’d say until Sun down we saw the sky change colors from a bright pink to a salmon pink and then back to its normal hues. It was inspiring because intuitively I knew what it was something unique because I could truly feel what we were seeing ‘pass before our eyes. It was in motion and moving across the sky – saying something in its passing.

pic 1.png

So I went to look up the colors and shades of pink and came to this Archangel – Sandalphon, Twin brother to Archangel Metatron. What was even more unusual is when we spoke with family members across the states they too saw the same changing colors, shapes, and pictures. But they all mentioned a mountain passing. If you are having any major hurdles in your life I-we my sister and I wish to share a special message. Whatever you were going through you are now getting through it with Archangelic help God is making mountains MOVE. Expect the miraculous and keeping believing in Stars, wishing, and dreams. They do come true.

Screen shot 2016-09-24 at 9.38.49 PM.png


Love, peace, joy!

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pic 2.pngpic 3.pngpic 4.pngpic 5.pngpic 6.png


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