#FREEREAD – Somethin About Him, an original #Poem by thewritealice

I’ve always loved the works of great poets like Poe, Yeats, Keating, Whitman, Thoreau, and Shakespeare. They are staple classics. But the 1st time I was intro’d to E. E. Cummins was his verse – ‘Brand New. To this day nothing has compared to its original delivery of phonics. That’s what makes poems great when it feels more like a song, a whimsy of imagination, and a derivative of the erotic. There is music between the syllables and every word drips with honey of substance, milk of mindfulness, and base lines that throb the soul. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson said you could always find a rhythm to a person’s writing – copying, reading, and living every single word in harmony to one’s own desires.


To wit, I say most passion8ly – “Ah-men!”

People often ask me who I’m writing about when I write erotica poetry. Who am I thinking of to put so much desire, fire, and vim in me? Who is the amazing man consuming my thoughts like a worm eating a leaf? Who am I hiding in the chambers of my heart as The One? We’ll see one day, right? For now he is an ‘ideal in a world I alone haunt and that is the kismet and diameter of art, isn’t it?



People ask what’s behind the twinkle in my eyes

What could I possibly be thinking so highly of?

When will they meet this imaginary deity of pure bliss I image?

Where does he emanate and of what worlds do you vibrate
as a simple projection in my 3rd Eye?

Mysterious Adonis – Wouldn’t they love to know?

Ah – but you know all too well the thoughts that waterfall from my heart

You laugh because you understand what is kept under lock & key

You don’t need vice grips or the Jaws of Life to pry open more than my knees

With one word – no – 3 – you can send me spinning like a Black Widow
dangling from the edge of her massive web

An Eagle, I can soar on thoughts of what it feels like to be in your arms

A Lion-ness, I am still when you mount and tell me how it is, how it will be,
and ‘when we will finally embrace for all of – Forever,

Define what ‘Forever truly is – a love Divine no wall could ever conceal away

Pour my heart and soul into the Cup – You Are

I can marvel at the sexy swagger you give all the girls, and female wunderkind –

I can admire the visage you present as mysticism incarnate through a smile

Better than the Mona Lisa, you stupefy ‘aura

A Sistine Chapel of potential Skyline you project in my imagination – you
keep me suspended in constant entertainment

Unclassified I label the Wonder of You – My Love True – for there is nothing that captures such Essence!

They say I am Venus but you are the Oyster cradling my Pearl
– Yes! I lust so true

Verily! I burn the hottest lava

THE TORCH, itself I AM – for you, ONLY – My Love True!

My visage of Greek mythology I deign You

The etymology of what Osiris inspires in
– all of Egypt & beyond

Embody my ideal Consort, and per-fect the Book End that Rebirths me!

Voice of thunder – My Love True – You inspire clapping ovations from the Stars and ZOOMING comets!

Galaxies lay as Red Carpets beneath YOU


I am to hang off your arm – like enchanted Words!

May I…e’er

Be the Falcon upon thine wrist in a Garden where time n’er exists?

I don’t have to wonder where you have gone or whose arms you’ve entreated by wandering

As the Moon belongs with The Sun, and The Sun belongs to Its Moon – so we are the DAWN and DUSK of all the love that is to be bridled and ridden

Together our chase never ends but forms the QUESTION MARK of REGULUS

Where shall we voyage? Next? What new page in my heart will you reveal?

What new world shall we paint to hang from Celestia Ceilings?

My Gates flood for you – never ending love! That only grows stronger with time

For now I shall keep you SECRETLY SACRED, and in my imagination – I conjugate more than words my feelings for you to decipher and decode as Cosmic ‘signs

Dreams envy the feelings I flood with every time you KISS me

To me You Are – The Ancient – for time doesn’t spark until we HOOK




Published by: thewritealice

Consummatus - Ablivatus Scriba - Ablivatus Maximum Sacerdos A few of titles I've manifested into being out of the Power(s) of Imagination, Higher Laws of Consciousness, and Knowledge - The Power of 3 as one "Infinity". No, I'm not stuck up but I am stuck on finding whole truths for others that make life simple, happy, and joyous. My work is featured all over the world and no doubt you've seen the results of reading my power blogs! There are more to be found at www.thewritealice.com. Have fun reading and by all means make yourself *at home* at using the information to improve your #selflove #selfjourneys. Sending you Love, Light, and All the peace heart can hold - thewritealice www.thewritealice.com

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