#FreeRead How #Isis learned Ra’s True Name –


Ra needed to take a vacation and was getting purty tired of rolling the Sun around all by Itself. Day in and day out it would roll that big gigantic Sun across the skyline, shoulder in, and knee deep with force. Then one day right before dawn, about dusk – twilights enhanced his thought processes. Ra scratched its head in absolute wonder of how can I get what I want without revealing too much of myself in the process?

I need a stand-in someone who will work quietly and remain in darkness slumbering while I work, and allow me the same in return. Whew! All this work is so very tiresome. I’ll go to sleep and wake up with a plan. Ra did just that. It was the first Solar Eclipse. The world below shuddered with utter shock, grief, and woe-ery. Why? With no sun to warm it they froze. With no sun to bake the ground the plants stopped growing. With no sun to rise what would they do to entertain themselves? Yes it was a real tragedy when Ra took a day off to rest.


So Ra went to visit the Oracle of The Moon. He rolled for aeons to reach her desperate for a solution to its problem. Surely, Ra thought she’ll have the answer, she always knows the answer! Perhaps if I married her I might have the best of both worlds, someone to take over, and someone to love – to boot! Ah…Ra thought. Along the way he ran into Thoth tending his vast celestial garden of new supernova perking from the great cosmic skyline. Ah, thought Thoth what a wonderful harvest indeed, scratching his goat-tee the same one that matched Osiris, brother and twin of sister – Isis. It was all one big and lovely royal fleet Ra had sired into creation. But no one to share his abode and to take over when he needed rest.


Hello Thoth!

Hello Ra! What brings you to my part of the mind?

I’ve been traveling in my thoughts to find a counterpart.

Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 1.46.42 PM.png

Do you mean you are giving up the sweet bachelor life for some dame? Ra I thought I schooled you better than that, homie. Remember the last She-Devil you brought to the crib? It took me forever to get that broad out my house and my thoughts! Whew what a hot mess!


Thoth, I think you’ve been watching too much Jerry Springer – that or you’ve been making that special Moonwater Moonshine, again. Yeah, I’ve been giving it quite the power of thought, I was hoping the Oracle of The Moon would have answers, so I’m on my way now. So long.

Digging his hoe ever deeper into the soil Thoth waved, somewhat worried. He shrugs and puts all his attention back to gardening.

Counterpart! Who does he think he’s kidding. He just tired of yankin his own monkey! I ain’t mad at ’em tho’. But I’d rather chop with a hoe than marry one. Watchin too much Jer’ Springah who does he think he is! Hold down my language is slurring – maybe I have been watching too much.

Thoth looks down at his CyberSale Bulova – “It’s Jerry Time!” and with that he throws down the hoe and runs inside his home, picking up a secretly placed jar of Moonshine. Slam! Closes the door behind him.

Back to Ra’s journey – everywhere he rolled Ra ran into those he knew. It slowed down the travel time and wore him out a bit. When he reached The Oracle’s door – a sign was hanging – “On Vacation” with times of return.

Fuck! Ra said in angst and with pure will of fire. That was the first time the sky was scorched and day turned into night or darkness. Because of the intensity of the Sun’s powers it forever changed all cosmic landscaping. Flashes of light exploding, Lighting flashes exploding, Thunder crackling and exploding. You get the picture, right? Cool. So using his CyberSale new wave Egyptian diety phone – Ra spoke.

Screen shot 2015-12-17 at 1.52.37 PM.png



“Yes. Ra.” answered his #Apple #Siri.

“Dial Hot Babe.”

“You mean The Oracle’s private cell number?”

“That’s the one.”

Bderrrrrrrr….sounded the ringing.


Ra pulls away from the angry Black Woman pissed off greeting.


“That’s my servant this The Oracle. Who dis? You know I’m on vacation, right? You did see the sign on the door, right?”

“This is Ra.”

The Oracle changes moods, “Oh, hey whutz Up honey?”



Reminiscing of all those wonder-filled nights, The Oracle reflects – with great glee. Apparently she and Ra had been having an affair secretly for some time. Just the (Thoth) thought – ahem – please excuse – no #threesome pun intended ever happened. But that was what was fueling that ear to ear grin. Ra felt and blushed.

“Yeah, I need to locate a counterpart to relieve me, and I’m willing to marry.”

Suddenly Oracle’s house shoes fly UP in the air, kicking. They were bright pink, fuzzy, with white polka-dots. Coming down and coming to her self, Oracle answers super calmly.

“You don’t say. Just who do you have in mind? Ra.”

Over the phone Oracle is doing all kinds of “please let him choose me” dances.

Confident she thought, he’ll see the light and pop the question.

Anubis walks up watching Ra’s face change expressions and make silly faces. He scratched his head. Observing and wondering what or who was so animated on Ra’s phone. He gives a “Who’s that” look to Ra. Ra shakes his head and motions for Anubis to keep steppin. He was interrupting the magical moment Ra was spinning. Secretly he did wish to ask for The Oracle’s hand in matrimony. It only made good sense. In marrying her he’d have it all and then some. She was such a lively sort of thing, and she could be any hair color and look damn good with it at a hair’s notice. She always arrived smelling like Patchouli or some other sacred parfum she’d created. She was always full of conversation, they could talk from Sun up and to Sun back down – if you know whattamean….hint, hint.

“Can you hear me? I’ve been talking…[Ra’s sacred name]”

“Huh? Sorry I was distracted [The Oracle’s sacred name]”

“I need to see you can you fit me in?”

In a spiritual session with a very special and hidden client, The Oracle turns from the client putting up a, “Just a Moment” finger. The client waits, patient.

“Is someone there with you?” Ra speaks.

“No, no, I just dropped something. So yeah I’ll text you a time and location in one min, ok?”

“Great. Thank you.”

Both Ra and The Oracle hang up.

The Oracle speaks to her client, “Thank You, I needed to take that call. It’s a very important friend in need. A very dear friend.”

“I see”, says Isis – grinning, too. Thinking she heard Thoth telepath, “No! Don’t do it!” With a Magic Wand out of nowhere – she quickly blinks him out of mind and back to her Divine Plan. Isis had needs, too. It had been aeons since seeing Osiris and soon she’d have to go out to retrieve her husband or at least discover what happened to him. He’d been away much too long to have not sent any word of his whereabouts. And now that she knew Ra’s true name she could negotiate her services to The Oracle.


So right the two goddesses conspired to secure a marriage contract for The Oracle and an eternal infinite merger between Sun and Moon. A Divine Marriage was architect-ed with  the power of words Isis gave in exchange for wicca services. As predicted it worked! When Sun greeted The Oracle, the powers of the two melting into oneness put allness that is back into order.

Metaphysics was born! Both enhanced and complemented the other so that each could have that vacation and be satisfied in conjugal bliss. It was the first Divine Order set in motion. For after the wedding – Isis was reunited with Osiris and for a time they were happy basking in the powers of Sun and Moon’s contract, sharing a love that would never die. Osiris would stand in for Sun, and Isis would forever stand in as The Moon itself. A Quaternion Marriage at its best!

Almost the end.

The Moral of this story? Being in the right place at the right time to over hear the 411 can be all one needs to set their world back in order. Discretion is more than just a fancy companion to discernment, it’s how we make our money grow. Get on the inside track of what’s really #InDaKnow with more metaphysical literature! http://www.thewritealice.com

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Happy Hoe-lidays!

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