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strength tarot
Tarot – Card Key VIII – Strength

Can you think of the most exciting moment you’ve ever had in life right now? Hold that feeling and read this blog. Science has proven the key to guaranteed success lies in mind over matter and heart set in stone. Nothing beats an iron will. Virtue always triumphs over vice as the game is set for us to succeed with a little heavenly intervention. There are some powers that can only be overcome supernaturally. We all knew this day would come to pass around March 27th and repeat for a final call within 3 days of April 27th.

Universe is giving us all the help we need to kick bad habits, become more health conscious, and über-psychically aware of space. Space is captured in print with astrology transit readings. It would be wise to get one for this time frame specifically to see how it influences us directly. We’ll still be reeling from April 4th’s Full Moon + 100% Lunar Eclipse in friendly Libra. That Full Moon had direct bearing on karma because it powered North Node in Libra adding strength to final outcomes as new awareness and celestial judgment.

The Moon acts as absolute High Priestess to absolve chaos and whatever was holding us back from real progress in career, love, passionate interests, and anything having to do with being creative or working in a creative profession. Setting things off is a Ceres-Moon conjunct in Leo at 5 degrees on the 25th. The next day Moon conjuncts Juno and then Jupiter all in Leo so there is a 3-way mirror of awesomeness pouring into the psychic subconscious. This is the meaning behind that same Lady kneeling on one knee in Tarot Card Key XVIII The Star, which is keyed to Aquarius.

Ceres makes us super productive towards meeting goals by showing us better ways to do work using Time Management techniques galore! We’ll receive more psychic downloads which empower us with amazing charms, talents, powers, and metaphysical abilities. We’ll be more into sports, athletic, and driven towards aging younger using herbal detoxification teas, yoga, and holistic healing. The important thing to remember is to always have fun at what we do. The more fun we have the more positive energy we charge universe with. Charging universe is like having God on speed dial to answer prayers faster. When karma is cleansed we become cleaner spiritually and nothing holds us back from going after what we want with 100% heart.

Aquarius sits across from Leo on the zodiac. Where Leo is the heart, Aquarius represents the secrets heart is holding – the shadow self. There is urgency towards going after what we want and looking the way we’ve always wanted to appear in the mind. We can do this by rewriting our astrological DNA. Astrology when paired with Tarot matches up to Card Key VIII Strength. This card pictures a beautiful Lady casually opening the mouth of a Lion with ease.

The lesson of Strength is to control and move things without appearing to do so directly. We influence things to happen by taking the right actions on the best astrology dates for us personally. We implement some Feng Shui to coordinate synergy.   That’s when we amass all our energy and use it to push something through using power of will. Will power is the greatest and most flexible strength because it is the secret ingredient in the 3 greatest metaphysical powers to charge universe.

What are they? Simple.

1. Optimism
2. Hope
3. Awareness

We’ve been talking for a while about A-ha Moments but we transform these into expertise and profit when we put what we’ve learned into books, scripts, movies, and anything else entertaining. Entertainment makes learning lots of fun, right? The mind is being programmed for the positive without feeling exhausted or overworked. It’s important to just have more fun in daily work, home chores, workouts, and yes – making love. The more fun we put into any project the greater its passion.

Passion attracts whatever we want to manifest when it is beneficial to the soul, self, and the collective as a whole. What we are doing has value in the world because it inspires, uplifts, and makes others believe in self again. We get that 2nd wind to rise and never give up. This comes by finding more resources to study metaphysics, learn about personalized astrology, how each works, and when to use them. Tarot will also benefit because it pairs with astrology and is keyed to all astral bodies in space. We are telling stories and universe reflects them in personalized astrology. You’ll want to be fully prepared for all the wonderful miraculous blessings coming within these dates.

If you are born with placements within 5 degrees (either direction) of 13 degrees or around the 8th, 17th, or 26th of August you receive the lion’s share of blessings for hard work. If you are a fresh face in industry or new talent on the horizon expect your Star to rise! Big Whigs and people of influence have been taking note and they like what they see. Expect to be courted royally for favor, power of popularity, and having that certain sumthin sumthin. When it comes to sex appeal many Leos, Leo Ascendants, and any strong Leo natal placements will be the zodiac’s sexiest. You’ll be fighting off admirers with a hug stick and keeping some at arm’s length until you are sure of their motives and intentions. We’ll be more selective or picky than usual when proposals arrive in love, business, or contracts received. Know what you are worth.

Research pay scales for the careers you want and rise up in the ranks with proper education, training, or intuitive assessment. So if you’ve wanted to move up the ladder this is when you’ll see the fastest advances until August when Jupiter enters Virgo. We’ll hit another surge because Leo and Virgo fall in the 8th month of August. It’s the hottest month for good reason because it’s when the Sun comes closest to Earth and a certain star called Regulus. Regulus is called the Kingmaker and The Little King because of its royal properties to regulate everything. Regulus is the heart of the lion in the constellation of Leo. So when we see so many synastries in this sign it’s a sign of great events to come and upsets of the royal kind.

Keys to power are handed to new faces but along with power come responsibility, accountability, and durability. We earn our stripes to be the Big Cat in the jungle of life. With so many systems to alter the metaphysical its’ no wonder there will be so many success stories around this time. Make one of them about you! Try a personalized astrology transit report for free at and set a new destiny in motion. Get the keys to the kingdom you’ve been dreaming about! Universe wants us to drive to destinations in style but first we are finessing the gold using the grace of patient persistence. Yes, we can – be what we want to be.

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This blog is written by EXCLUSIVE – Master Metaphysician, “Queen Ola”.   She is an LA native who regularly teaches others trade secrets of astrology to build successful business models. She is Creator/Editor-In-Chief of our magazine Astrology Tomorrow and the super popular metaphysical favorites book list – Queen Ola Reads.

NOTE: Per copyright laws all graphics are used with the intent of education and comparison only.


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