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March was super busy and charging all to “get it together”. Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius on the 14th. We dealt with addictions, emotional turbulence, and final “endings” to relationships of all kinds. Uranus in Aries and Jupiter (R) all supported saturnine energies fusing us to try new doors of opportunity. Old ideas that didn’t work were reinvented to emerge as today’s hottest trends. North Node, Chiron, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all collaborated giving us that “sumthin special” to be noticed by VIPs in industry. Art is healing and it can also be the gateway to a better life as an entrepreneur or budding “genius”. If you felt more creative than usual or wanted to add more special touches here and there to work, it pays off big! Seeds planted in March sprout “good news” in April.

Did you receive a promotion or apply for a leadership position? April has good news! Thanks to the 100% Solar Eclipse + Sun + Moon syzygy in Pisces – March 20th, many receive “promising” fresh starts in business, employment, family additions, new homes, lifestyle changes, and self-image. Minutes later, Sun enters Aries, the “true heart”. Soul has to confess what’s weighting it down. It’s time to be direct, focused, and transparent with our emotions. Either we feel or don’t feel. Either we like or don’t like. Either we love or don’t love. Emotions navigate new directions because we are forced to “keep it real” and deal with the facts.

There is a twist with Aries because we can “project and imagine” where we wish to go from “the present” facts. Aries is all about “energy” and being determined to “win”. We initiate fresh starts by addressing old emotional wounds, expressing deep-seated feelings, and getting fears out in the open with “forgiveness” and physical fitness. Several embarked promising writing careers motivating others to their dreams. Work in public relations or social media?

March was great but April is bombastic with new avenues in networking. Can a person change their “stars” and navigate a new destiny? Sure! It’s a matter of rearranging values, beliefs, and belief systems with metaphysics. Astrology makes “any dream possible”. Using astrology on the daily repopulates “values”. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

After emotional closure comes a new mindset to adjust within and create proper emotional boundaries. Where does “self” end and where do other influences begin? On who can you rely to have your back in a tight squeeze? How do you remove self-doubt? How do we get past self-disappointment? How do we choose a self-therapy that’s natural to our personality-type? How do we break free from unhealthy addictions? How do we keep fitness fun enough to do on a regular basis? April 1st Mercury in Aries, Venus in Taurus, and Chiron in Pisces have us asking these kinds of questions.   On the next day – the 2nd – Mercury, Saturn (R) in Sagittarius, and Jupiter (R) in Leo provide “enlightenment” at the right time. Ceres enters Aquarius, which is keyed to Tarot Card Key XVIII – The Star.

Ever check the email to see a freebie service that applies to you? Astrology proves there are no coincidences because it tracks our psychological profile. At any given transit reading we can clearly identify what we are going through in the present and foresee the choices available. Aries is “foresight” and Uranus is the planet of “light or enlightenment” – wisdom. Wisdom is the real love, wealth, and “source” of all that governs us metaphysically. Wisdom is experience applied to spiritual truths about self. It’s what the soul knows to be true, intuitively. These are super days to have transit readings because “clarity” or powers of intuition are at higher vibrations. It’s also ideal to perfect Wish Lists and try Wicca to draw down lunar energies.

We’ll just know something by thinking about or concentrating on it. We are now aware of much more about space, cosmic awareness, and “who” we are in the scheme of things. The term most frequently used is “Star Dust”. Science is now realizing what Ancient Egyptians and civilizations foretold as “prophecies”. Cosmic awareness is when universe “expands” to let us see what is “really going on”. On the 4th we have a 100% Lunar Eclipse in Libra opposing the Sun in Aries. This is the 2nd Hunter’s (Blood) Moon related to the one we had in Scorpio last year in October. Aries and Scorpio are both co-ruled by Mars the planet of passion.

On the 5th Sun in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Taurus, and Chiron in Pisces challenge us to re-evaluate priorities. There will be a change in what we are passionate about and towards because values are different in belief systems. What we believed “then” no longer applies to present situations. This is a sign of tremendous emotional growth and the need to “balance” our energy. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

The biggest day of the month is the 8th – Jupiter turns direct in Leo at 12 degrees. If you were born within 3 days of August 5th or if you have any natal placements in Leo from 7 to 17 degrees you’ll feel this aspect MOST. Pallas enters Capricorn. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Eros enters Aries! Love causes a change in “who” we find attractive in love and business. We are more likely to relate to a person we find “comforting” than another who requires more “maintenance”. We can only keep facades up for so long before truth come out! For those in love relationships couples in particular a new commitment is on the table when “who we really love” become apparent.

Love has a way of making us do what we wouldn’t under normal circumstances. Love will make us enroll in couples counseling, try sports to ramp romance, and use compatibility astrology to assess strengths to build on. There has to be common ground to make firm foundations emotionally. New relationships are fruitful because they offer promise of substance. We’ll seek and attract those we share strong beliefs and “values”. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

The 14th Mercury enters Taurus. On the 15th Sun, Neptune, Mars, and North Node all interact. Power shifts, frustrated emotions, sexual tensions, and karma come up as emotional triggers. Yes, each person is born to fulfill some great “feat” or challenge in life. This is the week we’ll be figuring out what “self-prophecy” is when unexpected events make us realize we need to re-navigate. Talent and fresh faces are sought out by big corporations, VIPs in industry, and yes – celebrities on the hunt for #thenextbigthing CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Hire a boutique public relations or social media company to keep your website “in the now” with creative thought-provoking blogs. Tarot, astrology, and numerology provide the most favorable “launch dates” for new products. Consult with an expert Financial Astrologist for best dates to invest. You want a personalized experience to yield the best results. In love, couples – has the love life gone south? Try new things like an astrology or Sexual Astrology compatibility report. Open up talks about “fetishes” and be open-minded without being judgmental. How will you know unless you try it?

April 16th Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn at 15 degrees. It’s time to face some cold hard facts about “self”. If several people are saying the same things about you, consider re-evaluating how you project self-image. Could you use a new hair do? Would you look better in certain colors or feel better wearing power gems? Crystals are known to enhance auric fields of energy to attract what we want at super strong vibrations! Need to bring something to an end emotionally?

Pluto (R) is the perfect ally as long as “karma” is good. Pluto finalizes all matters of the metaphysical that bring confusion, chaos, and interference. Have an astrologist who specializes in reading “Pluto” to read for you and see how, where, and when to expect life transforming “surprises”. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Uranus and Saturn (R) hook up in “fire” signs to provide greater enlightenment. Intuition will be razor sharp but use it for the right purposes, missions, and to help others.

Good Karma is an octave better than Good Luck because it unites us with universal energy as “pure power” of self to influence environment. Positive thinking and concentrating on self-improvement is how we establish proper emotional boundaries of “self-respect”. Self-respect translates into $$$ and confidence in personal strengths. It’s how expert become “popular”. People hire us because they trust we know what we are doing in our respective professions. They know experts hold themselves accountable to preserving a high standard of quality in job performance. Mercury entertains Chiron. Chiron signs off to Vesta in Pisces.

Been thinking of joining a yoga class or trying out different versions? This is the best time to find what works for you! Be on the lookout for fabulous deals, sales, and specials to get you hooked on aligning Chakras. Mind, body, and soul workshops will be popular to try, too and oh-so-good-to-our-soul. When Chakras align wishes come true faster! We find out what wasn’t working taking a slower approach and re-tracing steps in previous attempts. Don’t throw in the towel!

You can do this and universe is supporting all efforts to be “whole” in self, again. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE We can’t give or share love what we haven’t put inside “self”, first. Book a day at the spa. Go shopping. Plan a trip or personal vacation to avoid “burnout”. Go inline skating at the park! Seek more ways to feel good on the daily. It releases pent up stress and re-aligns thought patterns. Nature walks and journaling are perfect to vent or express the self CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

We are releasing emotional weight and what was blocking our blessings. April 17th Mars in Taurus challenges Jupiter in Leo. Sun and Saturn (R) have a talk – right before the New Moon in Taurus on the 18th. This New Moon is at 28 degrees so there is something coming to a “head”. Whatever has been in “talk” stages is now acted on by the efforts of others. It’s the moment we get “engaged” or engage previously disinterested parties.

We are wooed into changing our mindsets. In love, if you’ve met the person you know is meant to be but there are issues CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Venus in Gemini has some surprises for Mercury in Taurus. Everything may not be as serene as it appears. Intimacy issues create “questions” about motives, intention, and mutual purpose to be on the same page. Are there too many limitations or conditions being placed on how you spend time together or with “who”? Avoid playing the jealousy card to provoke true feelings. Be direct and “ask” what you want to know. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

On the 20th Venus enchants North Node in Libra. Pallas retrogrades. Get the word out for special charity functions or events. Brainstorming sessions give you lots of creative fire to get others excited about projects! Charm, wit, and intelligence sway popular vote and get supervisor-types on board when we appeal to the senses of compassion. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Sun enters Taurus. When we are passionate it’s infectious! If you have a new way to heal using spiritual or occult services invest in promoting and advertising. People can’t come to you if they aren’t aware of what you provide. Ask clients to leave testimonials.

Put together a “public profile” in social media to build up image or brand. Shop for extra staff and if you can’t pay offer what is “attractive”. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE On the 21st Mercury questions Jupiter (R)’s authority. We don’t have to love a job to love being professional at doing it. It’s not “what” we do but “how” that gets others enthused. Be slow to put your name on less-than-quality work. Mars in Taurus accentuates Pluto (R) in Capricorn. Be even slower to delegate jobs that need tedious details taken care of. People know when we have just thrown something together to “get by”. The same goes in love relationships. It’s how we say what we feel that determines “what happens next”. Don’t sell wolf tickets to new love interests.

Mean what you say and only say what is meant. On the 22nd Mars, North Node, Mercury, Pluto (R), Venus, and Jupiter (R) teach us how to fish for life. Sappho in Taurus is active. If we aren’t sure about a matter check the facts, ask an expert, or look up successful templates before putting out a final product. Career breakthroughs come at the 11th hour. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Businesses run “Customer Appreciation” specials.

Offer coupons, freebies, and tips to make the lives of others more valuable. It’s good karma you can expect to keep returning. Real Estate and anything related to intellectual property sell at sky-high profits! Shop for CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Heartfelt wishes from March fruition the 23rd – 27th when cosmos re-aligns North Node. “Wish makers” are attracted to “wish granters” and it feels like destiny! Deep inside we know when we have met the right people.

There is magic, chemistry, and passion seeing visions into completion. Isn’t it wonderful to have strong support and those in the know to lend a helping hand? Fresh starts for veterans in the field means working with new talent. Every person is gifted with something they can specialize into expertise. Whether it’s foreseeing events for others, reading astrology charts, unlocking emotional turmoil’s with power tarot, or designing the perfect website using esoteric knowledge.

Metaphysics makes small companies look like Big 5 Corporations. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Concentrate on improving and loving self into becoming Twin Flame Material. It’s not easy to love another in the metaphysical – only. But let strength inside create the courage to “walk”. No one deserves to be mistreated and gift self with the best love available with online dating using metaphysics. Happiness is re-assembled by giving “heart” – peace of “will”. Seek alternative options and become more active about “mingling”.

Try Singles Awareness events and keep an open mind. Universe has not forgotten what your heart truly needs! CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Need confirmation about gut feelings? Consult tarot for a “match”. It’s universe letting you know things are about change but for the better. We are entering the “meeting” of the cosmic mind and heart. There has to be balance in all we do for life to make sense. Real confidence can’t be faked it has to come from a real place inside the heart. Wisdom only becomes apparent when we are ready to accept the whole truth about self and “keep it real” on a practical basis in our relationships. Intuition reads intentions and it registers in the heart as strength or lust. Choices must be made with courage. Stay up to date with personal astrology readings and “potholes” in luck can be easily avoided.

Transitions to Watch April 1 – Mercury, Uranus – Aries, Taurus Expect surprises of all kinds. What others plan or bank you doing is not what you end up doing. This changes destiny! Astrology is a big part of re-navigating destiny. Because it lays out all options we are and aren’t so aware of psychically. Bank on strength of passion by changing up what interests you. Remove curses and emotionally draining situations by choosing new routes to financial and emotional freedom. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Have a Shaman Astrologist or astrology expert take a look at Chiron placements in natal charts on what to do next.

April 1 – Venus, Chiron – Taurus, Pisces Using the right astrology system we assess what or “who” is missing to feel satisfied. There are most suitable matches for you in love and to be loved by. We meet CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Face fears knowing, what you want is “coming to you”. Forgive bygones and keep a stronger faith.

April 4 – Mercury, Neptune – Aries, Pisces What do you feel born to achieve this lifetime? Who do you feel destined to meet from past lifetimes? Secrets are revealed about “self” when we meet new influences. Opportunities are presented to get to know people who are better for us spiritually. The new self-beliefs we’ve created are now applied CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE Treat “energy lags” with herbal green teas or herbs that detoxify the liver. Check with a health specialist at any wellness store and let them know “symptoms”.

April 4 – Full Moon, 100% Lunar Eclipse – (8:06pm EST) – Libra Life has to balance. Karma is “balance”. Libra makes us put things in proper perspective so we are no longer being drained of energies. We have to transform pain into what we’ve “gained” as knowledge. Redirect what you give attention to CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

April 6 – Sun, Neptune – Aries, Aries Fresh starts are all around. What we didn’t see coming but hope “to see” arrives! Whatever soul has been hunting to feel satisfied “appears”. Poof! Ever study the laws of attraction and use of the word “abracadabra”? Today is great to get into some really good and informative reading on improving challenging situations. Efforts from psychoanalysis and astrology prove effective in kicking bad habits and getting the “negative” out of your life for good. Reincarnation studies are easy to understand CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

April 8 – Jupiter turns direct – Leo If you respect the rights of others, expect the same in return. You don’t have to feed into negative vibes. It only feeds a larger “fire” of destruction for self-sabotage. Share the credit on big projects. Impress all the right people “at the top” of industry who are watching to see what you do next. Having self-image questions? Check in with an expert and create a new plan to improve self you can stick to. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

April 8 – Mercury, Uranus – Aries, Aries Big business meets fresh talent! You don’t have to be a Big 5 to look like one. All you need is better public relations, savvy wordings for promotion, and eye-catching color. Consider using Corporate Feng Shui to makeover websites or community profiles. CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

April 11 – Venus enters Gemini – 00’00 Sometimes we can’t just sit around and wait on opportunity. We must create them by taking more initiative to assert natural genius. Observe environment and assess what is needed. Now look inside to see what you have to offer as a service, product, or trade to bring others joy. Build a business one thought, one plan, and one expert template at a time. Avoid scattering energies and stick to what stimulates passions. This keeps CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

April 14 – Mercury enters Taurus – 00’00 Get into self more to heal and recuperate from recent challenges or health scares. It may be time to see a physician for a check-up. If you wish to begin a new workout routine this especially applies. The body has to be assessed for strengths and weaknesses to optimize workout performance. Yoga offers a great way to get fit physically and metaphysically. Look for specials to join classes and take a friend. Money is made from real estate deals today! Writers sell intellectual properties CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

See you for May’s issue – you won’t want to MISS out on #whathappensnext.  Thanks to all our subscribers. We appreciate your comments! –


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